About us

If you don’t demand quality you get what others think is good.

The founder of ZSFA, Zsolt Schmidt, will continue his career in Hungary after 25 years abroad. In Tengiz, Kazakhstan, he worked as a supervisor (B2B of the site manager) and QC manager on behalf of B&W Fluids and Dynamcs on SGI / SGP projects. In Azerbaijan, a SIEMENS CCPP project was employed by TFA (Technical Field Advisor).

In Qatar, he was employed by B&W Fluid and Dynamics as a QC Manager to perform pre-commissioning tasks.

In South Korea, he supervised the Bugok-3 and Andong Projects for SIEMENS and GS E&C and KOSPO on behalf of Bilfinger-Gerber GmbH (these projects installed the most modern and economical SGT-6 8000 H Gas Turbine model in the world today. In Turkey, he supervised the installation of Air Intake for the SGT-5 8000 H Gas Turbine.

In Kuwait, the installation of the Siemens 2x250 MW multi-shaft Air Intake was under his leadership.

In China, as a Field Service Engineer, he oversaw the production of Air Intake in China and / or its assembly in Burullus, Egypt, as part of one of the SIEMENS mega-projects.

In Malaysia, the RAPID Project oversaw the installation of gas turbine diffusers on behalf of Braden Europe.

In 2018, he founded ZSFA Hungary Kft. In Hungary. Initially, the company provided only engineering services to our domestic and foreign partners (design audits, management of technology installation projects, and performing the role of FMV).

By 2020, the company has set up an assembly workshop next to its office, thus expanding its activities with assembly construction (preparation of projects, preparation of prefabricated products). The team of the company's employees has the professional knowledge and experience to perform a wide range of tasks.

Our slogan is, "We don't do it, we solve problems".